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Letter to a teenage daughter

You?re always gone. You?re never here.
You briefly stay, then disappear.
You?ve been quite sad for quite a while,
and rarely talk or laugh or smile.

I often hope and sometimes pray,
that God might help you find your way,
but no matter what I say or do,
the anger keeps building inside of you.

It?s sad that though I?ve helped you grow,
you despise me and you hate me so.
It?s like all you say is meant to hurt,
and made to make me feel like dirt.

I know you?ve been through quite a lot,
you?ve needed help and some support.
Someone you trust to stand by you,
no matter how or what or who.

Should I remind you who was there,
when no one else then seemed to care?
Who was then your only chum, shall I tell you? ........

.............IT WAS MUM!

Gabrielle 09

by Gabrielle Llambias
Unknown Author

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