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Inspirational Poems

  • The Race
    "Quit, give up, you're beaten" They shout at you and plead "There's just too much against you... [read more]
    written by D. H. Groberg
  • The Cross Room
    The young man was at the end of his rope. Seeing no way out, he dropped to his knees in prayer.... [read more]
    written by Unknown
  • Sometimes...
    Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there,to... [read more]
    written by Unknown
  • I Asked God...
    I asked for strength and God gave me difficulties to make me strong I asked for wisdom and God... [read more]
    written by Unknown
  • Two Boxes
    I have in my hands two boxes Which God gave me to hold He said,"Put all your sorrows in the... [read more]
    written by Limin Hong
  • No Excuse Sunday
    To make it possible for everyone to attend church next Sunday, we are going to have a special "No... [read more]
    written by Unknown
  • Rules For Being Human
    You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it's yours to keep for the entire... [read more]
    written by Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott
  • This Moment...
    I May never see tomorrow there's no written guarantee, and things that happened yesterday belong to... [read more]
    written by Tammy
  • Courage Is...
    Courage is doing what is right Without having to be told Courage is manning up When you know... [read more]
    Brando written by
  • It's a Beautiful Life
    Oh, it's a beautiful morning, And today will be a great day, For I've got a wonderful feeling,... [read more]
    Sandra written by
  • Someone Cares
    When the day has come and gone, and you're sitting there all alone. Feeling angry, depressed and... [read more]
    written by by Dorothy Martin
  • The Clouded Window
    I look out the clouded window, and what I see is a beautiful day beckoning me, Through the clouded... [read more]
    written by Unknown Author
  • The Lord's Prayer
    Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On... [read more]
    written by New King James Version
  • What Makes You Happy?
    he Question every day I ask Is not “What is my daily task?” But rather is “What can I do... [read more]
    Jale written by
  • Hope...Keep the Faith
    In times of darkness there is still light Never ever give up just stand up and fight Hold on to... [read more]
    written by Shalonda Hunter
  • Acrimony
    In longest night of pitch-dark space you disappear like an arrow. No star brightens your face.... [read more]
    Satish written by
  • What is Blue?
    A little boy once asked me, "What is blue?" I wonder how such a question should be answered, As... [read more]
    written by Mary
  • Wind Beneath My Wings
    It must have been cold there in my shadow, to never have sunlight on your face. You were content... [read more]
    written by Bette Midler
    Joe written by
  • The Little Things
    It's the little things in life I pay most attention to Sometimes the smallest insult Can hurt... [read more]
    written by Cody
  • A Forest's Love
    In a peaceful forest lies A young girl with bright blue eyes Her hair shine's gold like the sun... [read more]
    written by Angel
  • When I Was One-And-Twenty
    When I was one-and-twenty I heard a wise man say, "Give crowns and pounds and guineas But not... [read more]
    written by A.E. Housman
    what my mom is special, she's always there for me. she knows when I'm sad, and she knows when I'm... [read more]
    A.z. written by
  • Beauty in the Kid's Eyes
    "You're still a Kid" that's what they say. "Kids can't understand." that's what they think.... [read more]
    written by Aimeelyn Fuentes
  • A Beautiful Rose broken into many pieces
    The tender loving bluebell shined in all its glory With the lightly yellow fragranced Buttercup... [read more]
    Rosalind written by
  • Clustered
    Was busy carving out the white clouds like stanzas, unflawed. Now I begin to fall apart. No... [read more]
    Satish written by
  • HAPPY New Year
    It's the last day of 2013, And oh, it was a crazy train. Our losses were great, But much more was... [read more]
    Sandra written by
  • Sunrise
    The sun rises and another day turns its face westward with the dawn. What awaits us as we spy the... [read more]
    written by Paul
  • A Big Idea?
    The moral dilemma was unlearning. less than truth. Downgrading the- branded witch. Vaccine... [read more]
    Satish written by
  • Silhouettes
    This is a thought that I made. Knowing that we need some motivation, so it's time to revelate:... [read more]
    Scott written by
  • I See...
    I see my emotions running deep Deep to the very core of my soul I close my eyes but still I see... [read more]
    written by Georgie M. Kusak
  • Mother, Oh Mother Dear
    One should be so blessed To have a loving mother, Always giving her best, Bonded to each other.... [read more]
    written by Georgie
  • Kid Are The Future
    Kids are the future, their learning more each day, but learning how to help these kids, takes... [read more]
    written by Angie
  • That's Life...
    When you say it is simple, It says - not as simple as you think! When you say it is difficult, It... [read more]
    written by Bhoomi
  • God's Child
    If God today spoke to me, and asked me, has your life been all it was meant to be? I've loved you... [read more]
    written by Sandra
  • Only The Strong Survive
    I closed my eyes last night and had a little talk with God. I asked him, "Lord how can we make it,... [read more]
    written by DaVon
  • Immaculacy
    Consensual drop. White bougainvilleas were falling on green eyes, as I climb the sun. Not a... [read more]
    Satish written by
  • Psalms 23
    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he... [read more]
    written by New King James Version
  • hope 4 a better tomorrow
    My heart is torn, Like its spiked with crown of thorns. There is always sun amongst rainy days, And... [read more]
    Kamva'elihle written by
    I've been riding the storm Since the day I was born I've been riding the storm Since the day I was... [read more]
    Earl written by
  • Life's Path
    When a route in life is reversed, It seems we all have been cursed. But sure enough it is just... [read more]
    written by Rashelle
  • Let Go of The Past
    Let go of the past, let it drift away let it wash away all your sorrow and pain, Put your pain in... [read more]
    written by Luz
  • Unhitching
    You come home, to a genocide of sperms. A storm was brewing to implode; cloning a wooly... [read more]
    Satish written by
  • Top Ten Inspirational Quotes of All Times
    1. Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right! ~ Henry Ford 2. You... [read more]
    written by by Various Authors
  • It gets better
    it gets better the aches, the pain the many wishes, the hopes the longing of being whole the... [read more]
    written by
  • Unheard Voice
    I have a story, forever untold, I cradle it everyday, With my heart's desire, Though it hurts... [read more]
    written by Ankurita
  • Dear Grandpa
    Oh my grandpa, I'm going to miss you much, I loved you with the softest touch. I wish I could... [read more]
    written by Bianca Dale
  • Don't Feel Deep Sorrow
    Don't look a bit run-down, Life has its ups and downs. World is full of good and bad, All are... [read more]
    written by Samaneh
  • God's Crayons
    A young man almost three, Sat upon his mothers knee, With crayons in his hand, His masterpiece he... [read more]
    written by Georgie M. Kusak
  • If I were in charge of the world...
    If I were in charge of the world... if I were in charge of the world I'd cancel rules, school,... [read more]
    written by Unknown
  • Long Journey
    Today, I have set my soul free. My soul has awaken me, from a long journey of emotions that i... [read more]
    written by Nicole DiNatale
    I know we are all just flesh and bone, I can smell the human fear But I still feel so alone Behind... [read more]
    Earl written by
    After the organic death of soaked breast, I put up tiny islands of eyes in spooked water. The... [read more]
    Satish written by
  • Creation
    When God had made the earth and sky, the flowers and the trees, he then made all the animals and... [read more]
    written by Unknown
  • You matter to me
    It's been quite awhile Since I have wrote down how much you don't SMILE, how RARE you should... [read more]
    Scott written by
  • Dissection
    It was haemolysed the homeless night. Flagellation will bring out the truth. The bloody... [read more]
    Satish written by
  • If...
    If I were free, like a bird in the sky, could I fly with ease? If I were a fish, deep within... [read more]
    written by Dipanjan Das
    Have you tasted the silk in the pit of snakes? Exit was not in my fate. Winter was kissing my... [read more]
    Satish written by
  • My Fear
    Can't forget the first time I laid my eyes on you Happiness overflowed and made me glow All the... [read more]
    written by Ann
  • Out of Control
    In a world full of hate and despair where do you turn when all else seems as if it is crumbling... [read more]
    written by Chancey
    A little death comes every day for the lost age. The fingertips write your name on ice, to burn... [read more]
    Satish written by
    It did not stay in bed for long the ultimate. Clouds climbed down from immortality. The sick... [read more]
    Satish written by
  • A Wall Painting
    Imperishable, you keep the truth frozen like the marrow, in the limbs of life, producing blood... [read more]
    Satish written by
  • You're The One
    Life is full of choices, But you make the answers. Life is full of mistakes, But you're the one... [read more]
    written by Lizzie
  • The Nature's Wonderful
    When the early morning sun breaks through the darkness When the night tears dew spill morning from... [read more]
    written by Ravi Sathasivam
  • Delayed Action Spoils One's Mission
    Be not late which may lead to defeat Be in time to meet the arising occasion At the right... [read more]
    Mv written by
  • Inspirational Quotes
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. ~... [read more]
    written by Various Authors
  • Joy, Change will Arrange
    Never have a rigid principle Often give a thorough check Relax rules or add further Nothing can be... [read more]
    Mv written by
  • The Best is Yet to Come
    Thank you Father for another day, And for all the blessings You keep sending my way. Your ways are... [read more]
    Sandra written by
  • Strength
    Close your eyes, baby Rest your fears Let it all lose Shed them tears It'll hurt like hell But... [read more]
    Shae written by
  • Mark
    One day when you are older And the whole world is at your feet, you will wake up one day and... [read more]
    written by Angie
  • Quotes from the Bible
    Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy (Proverbs 14:10) A happy... [read more]
    written by Submitted by Erin Mustelier
  • Inspirational Quotes
    In the Midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you. ~ Deepak Chopra When you reach... [read more]
    written by Various Authors
  • A Smart Morning Start by a Heart
    Start the morning after a prayer delivery Think of other creatures that also live... [read more]
    Mv written by
  • Olive Branch
    Anti-howling receives the deserter. There was a mass breast-beating without any noise. The... [read more]
    Satish written by
  • Inspirational Quote
    Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a Heaven for? ~ Robert Browning A... [read more]
    written by Various Authors
  • the future is bright
    My enemy stole, but my God has replaced, And oh, how abundantly so. I'll try not to mourn, by the... [read more]
    Sandra written by
  • Taste of Music
    A stage A young woman In a long black dress Slim fingers And a taste for Music. Hesitant,... [read more]
    written by Paula
  • Eternity in the Light
    Darkness surrounds him as he walks through the perils, life throws at him Within the gloomy shadows... [read more]
    written by Joshua Daniel Martin
  • Insiprational Quotes
    The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind. ~ Dr. Wayne W.... [read more]
    written by Various Authors

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