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You don?t know

Don?t you know that I have cared about you,
That I fall just for you
That I cried because of you
That I could die for you.

Don?t you know that I live just for you,
That I dream just for you
That I laugh just for you
That I hope just for you

Don?t you feel my great love just for you,
My dreams I have offered you
My pain each time you cry
My joy each time you smile.

Don?t you see what?s deep inside of me,
What?s in the very heart of me
Don?t you see, yes you really don?t care
Because you don?t know me after all.

by Darlene E. Williams
Message from the author: for those who love someone dearly and yet have no courage nor a chance to let them show it...
Unknown Author

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