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Trust and Hurt

Many times the ones we trust most are the ones who hurt us the most.
When trust is gone there is nothing left just a sad and painful mess.
That?s a lesson I learned so hard from all the god-forsaken things you have done.
I had your back; you had my soul and beat it till my blemished lips mouthed nothing but a loathing groan.

I never thought you destroy me so; you played with my emotions and snapped them like pencil
Not even to cry or give a care just took my mind damned it bare.
You try to turn it all around; put all the blame on me
By reminding me of what we use to be
You say ?I had my reasons and I gave you chances? but you killed them all
So you sit there laughing your cursed laugh, as I slowly fall into the deep unknown.
I blame myself for this I guess? for I saw the green flame glowing in your glassy eyes
But I chose to devise for you to help you through the suppose ?hell? you go through
I am stronger now and I suppose this is the time where I learn who my real friends are
I think its time I delete it all as I walk down this long dreary hall
Because the old me is gone
And everything this time is said and done
Said and done?.
Said and done?.

Note From Author: I wrote this poem about my best friend (of 9 years) who has been betraying me for almost that long. Since this year we are no longer friends... and she now torments me.
Unknown Author

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