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Are all Boys Animals?

Get your hands off of me
If you want me, civilization is the key ;-)
My eyes are up here; now I can see you clear
Gosh I won?t last this entire school year!
You think you?re so cool, teasing a girl like me
But I think you better flee, or you are going to be history
I can talk with you boy
Flirt maybe a little later, only if you stay behind the line
We are too young, to have that kind of fun!
So shut your trap before I cut off your tongue!
?Baby I love you??
Honey I?ve heard it all before, it is nothing new, so I suggest you move before I spew
I see it in their eyes when they say, ?I can?t live without you being mine?
Your emotions are driving you wild, but I guess this is your demise
They say ?baby lets go?
Boy, have your ever heard no? Well I?m saying, NO NO NO!
So don?t you even dare touch me there
If you want to get somewhere
Are all boys animals? I?ll never know
If so I think I will live the rest of my life at a circus show
At least the animals there don?t call me boo
And they live up to the ring master?s que not to screw, drool, and woo.

Unknown Author

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