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One way love

Don't expect the best, it's just my feelings.. I needed to write them down.

Well, I have got this feeling inside. This feeling I can?t explain. It a feeling of love, and still a feeling of sadness.
This new song. ?Taking back my love?, is it called. It reminds me of us. Simply us.
Don?t you miss, how we used to be? No, of cause not. I was you, who weren?t in love with me anymore. That leaves me, with nothing else than sorrow.
The sorrow of being left is a feeling nobody should feel.

Last time I wrote something, I wrote about my feelings for you, in a good way. To tell you how much I loved you, I wrote it all down, and you received it as a birthday present. You loved it, and you loved me. We were happy. You thought it. I thought it. Everybody thought that we were going to last, at least a little more. But then suddenly ? no words to be spoken. No feelings to describe. No love to be shared. You had nothing left for me.

You made me feel sorry. You made me cry. And you knew it.
You said: I don?t want to be that boy, who makes you sad, who makes you cry, when we are together.
I answered: You think, I?m crying more now, when we still are together, than I would be, if we weren?t?

Where is this boy that I loved so much? I loved him more than words could describe.
I still love him, when I think of him. When I think of you, I miss you, yes I do, but I don't love you.
I can't love you, if you don't love me back.
Gosh boy! Why can?t you see it? Why can everybody else tell me how I feel, just by looking at me?
How can?t I tell my self?
Because, when you left me, you took some of me with you. That secure part of me.
All I have left now, is an insecure, scared, sad, still in love girl, who don?t know what to do.

A definition of you, would be, a boy who loves to hang around with his friends. Who don't want to have the time, to be with me. Who is feeling much more free and happy. If not, why can't you tell me?

I don't want to loose you, just because we aren't together anymore, but I may only love you, in a different way now. I'm not sure I can do that. But do I have any other options?

by LJ
Unknown Author

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