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Two Hearts

Not so long ago, she was the walking dead, who barely existed day to day, and whose stony heart was full of whoas and dread.

Somehow, someway her bright angel tapped her on the left shoulder in a teasing gentle way, as he did so many times before in spirit, like a tweak on the nose when she got lost in her intense and solemn moods. But somehow, one day, when her angel comforted her in spirit it no longer seemed like some dream or game.

It was like what she suspected all along, that there was a kind dear man out there who's spirit was once bonded with hers so long ago and he was reaching out to her to come home to his heart again.

That once where there were two lonely hearts barely surviving one day to the next, and suddenly as soul met soul in daydreams of hope of a love one of a kind, they met each other and knew from the start that they were meant to be together forever, two halves of the same whole. And though a distance was still between them, their hearts had a rhythm all their own and two hearts beat as one.

by Sharon
Message from the author: This is my poem of a dream of two souls finally finding one another.
Unknown Author

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