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I feel in love with a stranger

My love for you was intense

I loved you, I mean really loved you

Our love was magical?

Like in the books or movies

You lift me out of my feet

And show me the meaning of love

I thought that I know you

But I fell in love with a stranger

Yes, a stranger, that I give my time,

My love and everything that I had

I just thought I really knew him

But I didn?t, He lied to me

And left me alone and stranded

Too many memories

Of our days and nights

I tried to forget them

But they replay in my mind
I can even believe them

Cause they were all lies

What a stranger! But some how

I believe that you feel in love with me

And me head over heels

You had no idea! You didn?t even know!

You took my hand to a road that I didn?t know

And make me believe that it was a world of our own

You didn?t care about hurting me

Or living me stranded

Or you were getting back at me

For something that happened

Why me? You knew that I loved you

Your head, your mind and your heart was not right

Why? I never hurt you, I just loved you

But, is going to be late to make things right

Strange, but in love and couldn?t hold on

It couldn?t be fixed; I don?t deny that I tried

I said I love you, more than one time

But with you neglecting

I don?t denied that I cry

Stranger, good bye, you are free

To hurt someone else

You can hang on forever,

And feel things are right

But emotions become stressed

And you heart strings become tight

You were the light of my life

And mean everything to me

I suppose our love wasn?t mean to be

My heart you have broken

And I have wiped my last tear

But, a new life in me has awoken

Now, I won?t ever have to live in fear

by janet baez

Unknown Author

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