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Just One Day (A Verbal Abuse Poem)

What if you were me?
For just one day
Seeing life through a distorted view
Wondering how it got that way?
You see that person over there?
One of the many responsible for my hurt
That contemptible vindication of a human
You surmise me as unrelentingly harsh
Words hurt my friend?healing or killing at will
Words can heal or kill
Oh but you should know this all to well!
Feel the wrath of your painfully virulent words digesting me to the core
Would you then feel ashamed?
Would you break down and cry?
Do even realize the damage you?ve done!
You pushed me and pushed to the very edge!
It depressed me to mental suicide
And YOU caused ME to DIE!
To pay for your MISTAKES!
To take my life that night
What is your excuse?!
WHY?oh why I plead down on my knees!
Did you have the need to destroy something beautiful?!
But you will never know what you truly did
I doubt you even care
As I watch you from above, anger rushing out my cheeks
Sometimes I even you notice I?m gone?
My final question for you
If someday we trade shoes
A feeling I?ll never know
How does it feel to know you took someone?s life?

NOTE: Something I went through....and Phoebe Prince (dedicated to her) R.I.P love. This is way beyound bullying and even beyound harassment! Remember:Words can heal OR kill- what did yours do today?
Unknown Author

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