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I Don't Know

I am with you In our bed my love and wish it last forever

There is something ca-caed in my mind and I want it to deny

When you wake you think I be here

But you will see it isn't real

I write these lines on a sheet

Its all wet from my tears

I lie next to you watching you sleep

You probably having a nice dream

Just promise me that you will wait for me and will not cry

I will return home and I want to see girls chase my child

I am leaving you tonight going away

I had to fight, nation calling my name

I love you more than my breath you know

Now I am going and I don't know

I don't know if I could see your face

I don't know if I could smell your hair

I don't know if I could taste your tears

I don?t know

I don?t know if I could feel the same

I don?t know if you could forgive me again

I don?t know if we could exchange our souls

I don?t know


I m flying high in the sky midway to heaven

Spawns are above my head waiting for my breath to be stolen

I don?t fear of my life i just care for my wife

Waiting for me with the hope that i will return to home

I m in the dark gone away

I sweat my breath on last day

i see my soul lay ahead moving faster than me running away

i cross the enemy line they try to catch my breath

i ran away from that hell n i don?t look back

my blood turn red to yellow

i can see the face of my dead fellow

I m in the dark gone away

I sweat my breath on last day

i see my soul lay ahead moving faster than me running away

i don?t know

i don?t know if i can fly around

i don?t know if i can make to ground

i don?t know if they gonna shoot me down

i don?t know

i don?t know if there is a bullet for me

i don?t know if its gonna splash my vein

i don?t know if i will survive now


The stain of the blood are over my body , I can?t even memorize my face

All bad dreams I was holding disappear without a trace

Figuring it out that I have done right or wrong

Leaving my love in this malicious world all alone

Now when I m coming home it reminds me all those days that I have been gone

Will I get back my love after all that I have done

These all thoughts came in mind as my journey begun

I reached at my house I saw her through the window

The rush of the blood just spatter through my vein

I was wet from all the sweat thinking how I will face her again

I feel like the little captive bird who tries to get out of the cage

How I m gonna explain her one that I made mistake

Leaving my heart in the home ,there I felt all alone

I just survived ,remembering u all the time

when I cant even breath

Oh god ! I see her eyes, like a bird she wants to fly

I now don?t know

I don?t know will she take me back

I don?t know how I m gonna regret for that

I don?t know will she let me hold her arm

I don?t know

I don?t know how my child would be

I don?t know if he will take my plead

I don?t know does he play on the street

I don?t know

I heard a crack on the ground make me feel I m going down

This was a waiting moment for me first time when our eyes meet

She came running and open the door she never look like this before

There was a rage in her eyes and also the love which she was trying to hide

We both were saying empty words no need to speak further

Going close I touch her finger and it make her body linger

I touch my lips by her?s and that make me entirely bliss

Saw something that caught my sight coming towards me was my child

I can?t stop my tears to coming out feel like whole ocean I pour it out

I now know I surely know

I know I will live n die with u

I know I will always love u

I know I will give my child everything

I know

I know even death can?t make us apart

I know u will always live in my heart

I know I can?t wait to start

I know

hey! guys its something different that i tried on i hope that you will like it .its kind of a story of a soldier who leaves his wife and kid at home to go to the let me know if you like it ..
Unknown Author

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