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God's Child

If God today spoke to me, and asked me, has your life been all it was meant to be? I've loved you Lord, but sometimes I couldn't see? There were times I would shout, do you really love me? Yes, child without a doubt. Can I ask you Lord, where is my child? Next to me, said our Lord. Does he know I loved him? Of course my child, he's a joy! My child, he is still your boy. Without a doubt, he knew you loved him! A soft, gentle child to love, and to hold! 'I sinned Lord' When I let him go, I have lived my life in vain. 'Why' My child, there is nothing to gain from sorrow? Tell me Lord? How will I live my tomorrow? Believe me child, the world will know your name! And why Lord, would anyone want to know my name? Teach them, for they do not know what riches they have to gain! Don't forget I loved you, before I knew your name! 'But Lord forgive me' For I have lived a life of shame. No my chi! ld, you are not to blame. I am not strong Lord, but I have learned to let you be my guide! 'Come Child' Come, sit by my side! To my son in heaven, he is home with you my Lord. Love him, and keep him next to you. 'for me'
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