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He knows that I'm unfaithful But he still holds on to me I can see that he is dying inside Because i'm in love with someone else I could have loved him But it wouldn't be right to love him He trusted me, When he shouldn't have He cared for me, When I didn't care too much for him He thought we would always be together But I fell in love with someone else I stay with him Because I don't want to hurt him anymore I know by me being unfaithful to him I'm killing him slowly inside But when you love another soul You would go through Anything to be with that person Even if it means hurting another soul I could tell him I love him But it would only be a lie He hopes one day I would love him But I don't think I ever will love him If I was to tell him"I! love you" It would only hurt him more Because he knows i'm unfaithful and that I'm in love with another guy
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