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Eternity in the Light

Darkness surrounds him as he walks through the perils, life throws at him Within the gloomy shadows stalking in the darkness, he holds no fear Coldness brushes his cheeks, his body trembles, his spirit rises Temptation looms at every corner but straight ahead, his eyes are fixed Impenetrable is his armour, no man can destroy his courage and strength With His sword, he slays the cowardly enemy who attacks from behind Neither beast nor demonic creature can pierce through his sacred heart Never a glance behind, his eyes gaze only straight forth into the light For he knows, that just one glance will bring with it despair and destruction Reaching forth, he grasps the hand that protrudes from the light Warmth, love and peace encapsulates his soul, illuminating all darkness He has won the battle and is welcomed through the gates of eternity For he who seeks life and love shal! l be granted a life of eternal peace He who withstands the temptations of darkness and holds his head high Will forever become one with life and be seated beside his masters throne.
written by
Joshua Daniel Martin

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