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A Girl Who Always Loved You

Lies and rumors are what brought us here today Lies and rumors are not true what more can I say If you think for one second that I believe in this crap All I can say is that the devil has you in a trap People will sit and talk about you behind your back Because they dont want to see you happy and that's a fact If you can sit there and tell me that you love me Then you can sit there and tell me what you see If you see me with you in your life forever Then why dont you want us to be together When I tell you that I love and care for you I'm telling you this because I know my love is true If you'll just open your heart you will know How far I am willing to let my love show I am willing to wait for you my whole life Just to show you know why you make me feel so alive It's because God is showing me what I really feel inside He's shown me how to not let my love hide Why can't you just tell me how you real! ly feel So I will know just how long I have to wait on you for real I love you so much more than you'll ever see Why don't you want to really believe in me You tell me that there is not enough love for us to be together But I will tell you this I will always love you forever I know a girl who will keep trying and trying Even if it means she will be up all night crying This girl will make you feel special if only you can see This girl knows you better than you do... this girl is me
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