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My Corner

Here I sit,
All alone,
Thinking about the person to call my own.
Thinking of love and happiness,
Somebody tell me when the darkness ends,
It's scary how dark my life really seems,
Every day my family screams.
My house is small,
My heart is smaller,
My spirit is gone,
It's here no longer.
I sit in my corner,
My heart filled with care,
All of my emotions,
Based on people I love.
My friends and family,
Pets and surroundings,
They're wonderful things,
If only they'd stop disappearing.
I look at my grandfather for a minute,
I turn my head and he's gone,
He vanished from my world.
It's like magic,
Everyone I loved most dear is gone,
It's like I'm living my worst fear,
Alone again,
Just like in the start,
Twirling in my mothers womb,
Developing my body,
To leave her protection,
To live a life,
Yet still I'm alone.
I leave my safe place, Just for the people,
But they don't want me,
So now I'm in an unsafe place,
A place filled with insanity around every corner,
Dangers lie in every crevice.
I came out here for you,
All that happened is that I got hurt,
Thrown around,
Trampled on and ruined,
Why did I say good-bye,
To the safe inside,
Just to come out here and cry,
Thanks to a heartless lie.
A promise of happiness,
Smiles and hugs and kisses,
Instead the world is filled with unfufilled wishes,
Disses are worse,
I think I'll just go lay down in my herse,
And never come back,
to the lack of their love.
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