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What is Blue?

A little boy once asked me,
"What is blue?"

I wonder how such a question should be answered,
As it doesn't say,
But after deeply thinking,
I come up with a way.

I bend down low,
And begin to speak,
Ready to give him,
The answer he seeks.

Blue is a sapphire sky,
On a hot summer's day,
It stimulates the senses,
And lets you melt away?

Blue is the ocean,
Deep and crystal clear,
It draws you in and reminds you,
Of what you hold so dear?

Blue is a bird,
As wild and as free,
It never fails to give you,
The comfort that you need?

Blue is a forget me not,
Blowing in the wind,
It heals and protects you,
Even when the lights are dim?

Thanks! he said to me,
As his mother came up behind,
He took off his sunglasses,
And I saw that he was blind.
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