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How Come?

How come you don't talk to me anymore? We are blood related We use to be close, now we are nothing What happened between us? We were like best friends, like sisters till now Home come we aren't as close as we use to be? We would spend so much time together It hurts to know that we were best friends until high school Now I am just some one that you walk by and say nothing in the halls Home come you don't come to family gatherings any more? You never come when are family gets together Nobody like ever sees you anymore It's like you disappeared How come we aren't as important? You care about your friends more than your family You don't even spend time with us; you're always with your friends What do they have that makes them more important then your own blood? How come you do this? I don't get what happened We were like best friends then you changed Now you act! like you don't care about your family How come?
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