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Growing Old Together

They wed when he was twenty-one, she was seventeen; Fate, he knew, destined her to be his lifelong queen. It seemed only yesterday since their first tender kiss; Now the aged couple were nigh sixty years of wedded bliss. They shared many peaks and valleys throughout the years; Lean times, laughter, a sprinkling of sorrow and tears, But their love and faith e'er conquered all such things; Eternal love they vowed, when exchanging wedding rings. E'en tho' her hair has turned from gold to silvery gray, He tells her she is more beautiful with each passing day. No sweeter sound to him could she e'er evince, Than to hear her call him still her charming prince. Each dawn when she awakes from her sweet repose, He places in her hands an exquisite yellow rose, Kisses her cheek, saying, "I'll always love you dear"; She responds with sweet talk he always loves to hear! They hold the others' hand as they take their daily stroll, But they walk a bit slower; alas, time doth take its toll. 'Tis evident that they still enjoy that youthful thrill, That only a lifetime of love and devotion can instill!
written by
Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired

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