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Unfair Bedroom Tax

Grr the unfair bedroom tax
Mr Cameron you just haven't got a clue.
You won't have to go without.
Nope, If you need to buy
some much needed shoes
You have the cash in your bank.
It's not likely that you will ever suffer.
Why don't you step out of your secure hole.
And just live off very little money.
You wouldn't last a month would you Mr Prime Minster.
It is the most proprietress thing you ever enforced.

It's going to cause unnecessary
suffering to the people in the UK.
Don't you even care?
Did you even ask God if you were right?
I hope You come to your senses before it is to late.
You said that you would change the country
But we ask you to have a change of heart.
Please will you reconsider
and drop this mad bedroom tax...
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