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Childhood Memories in the snow A Story by ROSALIND

Childhood Memories in the snow

When I was a child I loved the snow. I loved to simply just gaze and gaze at the large white snowflakes falling on the ground, forming a big white blanket it lit up the dark grey sky. I used to imagine Father Christmas passing by on his sleigh
Often I heard jungle bells and I would quickly jump out of my bed with excitement
I stood for hours watching snow blowing blizzards across the rooftops. everything sparkled liked the Queens crown jewels what a glorious sight.
The very next day my Dad would take us sleighing down the hill. Mum always made sure that we were all warmly wrapped up with our hats scarfs and mitts and our big black wellington boots.
We Had so much fun in the snow. Often we got carried away and made about ten snowmen. we would decorate them with buttons and put in a couple of stones for eyes a carrot for a long nose. Sometimes if we had an old coat we put it on the jolly old snowman he looked like he was about to come to life..
In my dreams he would be my friend and play with me. We would fly all over the town high above the clouds and across the sea over hills and houses..
I screamed in sheer delight it was often my way of escaping my abusive childhood.
Sometimes I long for these moments again But sadly I have grown up and
These memories have faded but I still get excited about the snow for these
hold special memories for me as a child ...

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