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CASEY THE PYJAMA GIRL .......... " A story about a mothers relationship

Casey Lived in a small terraced house right on the corner of Green bottle road. It over looked some tall green trees in the neighborhood. Casey wasn't a very popular girl because of her rather strange ways, She certainly had an obsession with pyjamas. Everywhere you went in Casey's
house they were piles of pyjamas drying on the clothes rail .
Their were all sorts of colours most of them in a foral design and the list was endless She even had red tartan pyjamas never nighties as Casey never liked them she always preferred to cover her legs and they were practical and very warm. In Casey's draw upstairs she had ten pairs in each drawer that made a grand total of twenty pairs. why would you need all these pairs of pyjamas she could open up a shop tomorrow
Why Casey lived for her pyjamas every single morning her mum would be shouting at her to get dressed for school but often she just ignored her mum, this would upset her a lot in fact Casey's Mum was at her wits end, she had had quite enough..
So Her mum decided to do something about it she emptied all the drawers and bagged the lot and handed them into the charity shop. Her Mum left her just three pairs in her drawer. When she arrived home from school and discovered her drawers had been emptied of all her favorite
Pyjamas she threw a big tantrum but her mum didn't take any notice of her she deeply regretted spoiling her so much over the years and now
if it wasn't to late she would try and be a much better parent and start to discipline her children in future and guide them in the right way for adulthood. When Casey calmed down a little bit her mum sat her down to explain why she got rid of her other pyjamas soon Casey began to release that she did have a problem and she was to be coming selfish
she apologized to her Mum and they both hugged and hugged and soon they began to laugh it off....

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