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Poor Mr Ketchup Looks like he has seen a ghost... A Story by ROSALIND

Ring ring the alarm bell sounded. Oh bother grumbled poor old ketchup as he stumbled out of bed.
"Whack.' ouch has he hobbled about in pain. That cat has got nine life's but has for me my luck is running out."
"Oh cried Sweet potato let me help you to your comfortable seat by the fireside.
"Oh my head hurts moaned Mr Ketchup, bring me my
soft pillow and place it behind my head. Could you please bring me a glass of water and my pills."
"Okay dear wait just a minute."
While Sweet Potato Face was busy fixing his drink suddenly without any warning Bang crash the television went up in smoke and Poor Mr Ketchup
looked like he'd seen a ghost Sweet Potato Face quickly pulled out the socket and sparks flew everywhere.

Ding dong The doorbell sounded and "Haggis shouted is their anyone in."
"Let yourself in replied Mr Ketchup."
"What has happened to you, Laughed Haggis."
"It's not funny frowned Mr Ketchup."
"You're covered in black soot its all over your face."
I'd better go and wash it all off quickly he said.
Mr Ketchup looked rather bewildered. Has he looked into the mirror he couldn't see his face for black soot.

Mr Ketchup looked so funny. Sweet Potato Face had made some tea and sandwiches in the kitchen. But everyone including Mr Ketchup made their way through to the kitchen to have some tea. haggis offered to pour the tea. The tea looked rather a funny colour and smelt like raspberry tea. Oh yuck that is so horrible.
"Haggis you must have mixed up the wrong teabags.
O dear giggled Sweet Potato Face I better make some proper Scottish tea."
"well that would be rather nice,Haggis smiled.
"Its been quite a hectic morning I need to get cracking and put my skates on."

Soon Mr Ketchup walked up the hill to find he wasn't alone. He looked around and to his amazement a little Scottie dog trotting behind him. Oh bother he muttered to himself that is Ruby the Rude Raspberry
dog and you can bet my bottom dollar she will come looking for Rusty. I better get a move on before I meet up with you know who.?
The sky looked a bit grey and whitish and Mr ketchup wasn't
dressed for a snow shower.
Down fell big snowflakes bigger than a egg soon the woodland was covered in a blanket of snow and Mr ketchup Looked like a ghost
O dear what would Sweet Potato Face say went he went home.
I wouldn't like to be in his shoes would you Boy and girls.?
Published today 20.03
Rosalind written by

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