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The Chocolate Dragon

Tom often dream't about dragon's. Tom longed to be a dragon, in fact his idea of a dragon wouldn't of
been about a dragon who set things on fire. But a tame Dragon one that did good things for people.
Toms dragon could Fly over green hills. Fly fly fly over buses trains and even high above the clouds.
Toms idea of a dragon would be his everyday friend. One dark cold December Tom
heard a cash in the the kitchen, He quickly raced out of bed and darted down the creaky stairs. And too his amazement he found the dragon that he always dreamt about. The dragon sat on the kitchen floor
tucking into his favorite chocolate. He wasn't cross but surprised. The dragon turned around to find the boy hovering over him He quickly stood up and muttered something.
" Good-morning said the dragon"
Tom couldn't believe his ears a talking dragon.
" Ooh how did you get in the front door.? asked Tom.
"The door was ajar and I just stumbled in replied Bertie the green dragon
" It would have been nicer if you asked to share my chocolate."
Oh dear I am ever so sorry, But I haven't." eaten for days you see."
"Well that is no excuse, you need to learn some manners don't you."
"I suppose so pulling a face."
Tom soon forgot about the mishap and they became great friends and Burtie the green dragon.
Soon learned some good manners from Tom and soon they were both off to a flying start.

Far far away high up in the grey skies. Over green hills, houses, lakes, and tall trees.

Burtie now needed to rest. So he flew over a busy bridge He decided to stop flying.

Down down He went with Tom holding on tight to his neck. Burtie gave out a loud sigh.

"thank-goodness,' he said. I could do with a drink of water.

" Me too replied Tom, lets go and see if we can find a river."

Soon Tom and Bertie found a small river and in fell Burtie he began to splash about

the water until he fainted with exhaustion. Tom suggested he came out of the water

and quickly dry himself. splash splosh splosh out he trotted Burtie was shivering like a leaf. Tom dried Burtie off with some clover leafs from the river bank at last they were

both ready to fly back home.

" Tom I am really hungry could we go back to your house and have some more of that yummy chocolate bar." he asked.?

"Now Bertie it isn't really good for your tummy to be eating so much chocolate, But I'll make you something special ."

"Like what he replied."

"My green turtle soup, you will enjoy it and it will make your teeth strong."

"Okay then If you say so."

Up up and away he flew over hill tops rivers, Higher and higher above the grey skies.

At last Tom could see his bedroom light on, as they approached Toms house They noticed the table was neatly set for two.

" Toms Mother asked were have you' been,' I have been waiting.!

"Sorry we both lost track of time but now we are both hungry and are ready to eat."

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