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At the Alter

I’m standing at the Alter
Nervous as can be
Making sure my bows just right, my suits not to tight
I check my boots to make sure everything’s alright
As I look up, I can see my beautiful wife smiling and happy as can be.
You can tell she is just as nervous as me,
Her hairs up in a ponytail, dress the color of snow.
Her hands clenched tight to a bouquet of yellow roses
Walking down the aisle with her father by her side,
I can see everyone here is as happy as can be
Taking pictures to be remembered, what a beautiful memory
I’m nervous as can be as she stands next to me,
Looking into her eyes I grabbed her hands
I can see tears of happiness in her dark brown eyes
We stood there as the preacher preached
She read her vowels and I read mine.
I told her how beautiful she looked,
How much it meant to me she was here next to me
How much love I’ll give, how much respect ill show
How I love her with all my heart; and I’ll never let her go because with her I am happy.
Before I placed the ring upon her finger I told her she is my everything.
I placed the ring upon her finger; she looked at it to her surprise
There lied a diamond with sapphire around it, and in the ring said, you are my everything.
She couldn’t help but cry
When the preacher said you may know kiss the bride she hugged me tight,
And kissed me liked, she never kissed before
She whispered into my ear
I will always be yours; I will always be your everything
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