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Like a man in a room,
And beyond one of its walls flows a clean river,
This wall has a closed window,
Which he bothers to open never,
The other wall has open windows, beyond it exists a filthy pond,
He knows about the pond, but of the river he is unaware,
He uses the filthy pond for his everyday bath,
And suffers from ailments and fever.

The God through someone sends him a book,
That mentions about the clean river,
But, he is so busy in his daily routine,
That to read the book he doesn’t bother,
The God then sends a saint to tell him of the clean stream,
He does not believe him either,
The God, now as Guru, takes him to the river,
Bathes him there to remove his agonies for ever.......

(Full poem is available in the poet's published book "Rains of Gems")
Dipak written by

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