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Hug the Misty Moon ~ A Lover's Dream

Exhilarated I feel whole again & blessed for real
I found knowledge which gave me strength to heal
About I have turned & thrice I have loved
Dare I dream now of my world anew
Most certainly now I do
Asleep I fall into dreamy dusky starlight
Love thoughts drift by me while I count the stars above
I dream of a forever true & sincere last love
As I hug the ‘Misty Moon’
I’m touched by sparkling stardust
Deeply dreaming now, no more troubling thoughts careening
My mind moves cautiously as I move bravely and trustingly ahead
So soon I am led to dream this Lover’s Dream
I bathe relaxed and mesmerized in silver magic moon beams
Feeling waves of ocean mist splash against my skin
Just where am I going and oh where have I been ~ in waterfall
Falling water plays miraculous melodies serene
Calming thoughts fill me up as I slip deeper into slumber
Within my heart there glows a blue orange burning umber
I sprinkle dewdrops onto clover, water's edge of jade spring grass
Alone I stand once more and I am calm alas
Virtual sands shower downward through hourglass
Fairies flitter past as I meander the purple misty mountains
White scented rose petals tickle my toes
It is a tender treat as I walk along this new love street
An array of fresh white rose petals adorn my path this morn
No more ‘Black Rose Black’ with sharp spiked thorns
I awaken today to wondrous daylight I am reborn
The misty moon’s glow softens as the morning sun appears
I believe once more love is near it is ever clear
My soul has been reborn beyond the misty waterfall
Lush meadows of spring flowers surround me
I adore the soft morning winds
A morning dove swoops upward praising the break of day
I am blessed I pray for this heavenly day
Flocks of birds and twinkling fairies sweep across the morning sky
Soaring ever so high toward flower laden purple mountains
Far past the morning mist and into bright sun beams
Dreams set aside to glide into day ~ yet I dream
And then yes over and over again
I dream a Lover’s Dream
Just like a bird on high, a gray dove sign of love
I live my dreams in daytime and in slumber
Forging onward surely and fearlessly ~ I’m free to be me
Again I slip into slumber deep as my dreams creep into rim
And again, yes over and over again as day turns to night
Then again I dream a Lover’s Dream ~ once more night to day

There are no sad melodies to linger and now my psyche’s free
Free to be me as I smile in my own special style
Happy and certainly more wise all the while
I smile and greet a brand new day
Gazing up at the faintly fading moon & morning’s starry skies
I walk in fields of jasmine & softly bending white grasses
Fairies kiss my lips as the breezes blow past us
My night dream has become my day dream as I gleam with love from within

By, Di' La Chapelle
Di' written by

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