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whats a lie?

what's a lie? to you,its the truth. to me? its another broken promise and unfulfeeling task, a poison you place in my mind over and over again. what's a lie? to you? another day for you. to me? another word of failure, a pain that you cause to cover up with your filthy words. what's a lie? to you? its everything. to me?, leaves me empty nothingness at the bottomless pit in my stomach. what's a lie? for you? A way out of expressing your feelings, a way of letting go, for me? days filled with tears and hurt, endless amount of motionless days. a lie to you is the truth a lie to me is a misconception of the truth. because to you a lie keeps me waiting an in your grip and to me a lie is what keeps me from leaving.. your lie keeps me from going over the edge because your lie blinds the truth in my mind.
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