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have you ever thought about someone so much that you tend to smile for no reason at all? and just the thought of that special someone makes you all weak inside.. and you know that there's no one you'd rather be with more than this person because all you do is spend your time thinking and daydreaming about them... that even when you have a problem in your life and your feeling sad.... some reason you just break into a smile or a laugh because out of nowhere you thought of a memory that you and this special someone had.. have you ever thought that if it wasn't for this special someone you probably wouldn't have a smile on your face but more tears and fears than happiness and cheers.. that without them.. and you know that in your heart there's no one better for you and without a doubt you wanna spend every available moment with them,,, and when their around you.. your heart races maybe skips a beat... your stomach flutters and your eyes shine... it just seems like the world is a better place and nothings ever wrong because in this persons arms are where you belong despite what everyone thinks or says... and you know no matter what it takes or what you have to do you must be with them.. you ever had the feeling deep inside.. that your falling madly deeply possibly unconditionally in love?... i most definitely do.. i just wish i knew how to tell you.
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