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dream love

visionary passion, my dream love, you turn my night into day. always smiling always laughing always brightening up my day. you bring me joy and your everything i need your everything i seem to be missing, my dream love, with you, nothing goes wrong,you take me on this ride that i just cant seem to escape, but that's okay because i plan on never leaving. standing next to you i always have an uncontrollable smile. they say dreams never do come true, but they don't know you, their wrong, i say they do i dream of you holding me i dream of you being mine. my dream love, i dream of you every time i close my eyes. i dream of you during the day, when i cant seem to focus. i dream of you during the night... but no matter where or what it is.. your always on my mind i know your there and i know its real.. when i close my eyes my dreams become reality and if this is the only way i can see you than i plan on sleeping forever because nothing is more exciting than being with my dream love.
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