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i'm afraid

i'm afraid to love, for fear of lack of understanding. depending on the circumstance i'm afraid to show you how much i care. i fear that my feelings wont be returned... i'm scared of failure when it comes to you i worry all the time will i make you happy will you love me the same will you even care... i'm afraid that with time you'll leave me because you'll realize that you can do so much better i'm afraid to give you my all because it just wont be good enough and that with all my flaws you'll deny my love... because loving you and not having you would be the worst feeling i could possibly have.. i'm afraid to show you so much affection my fear of losing you when I've never got the chance to have you but oh how i long to be yours... i'm just afraid to lose when it comes to you and my fears seem to be greater when i love.
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