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Autumn leaves are falling as cold north winds start calling
Trust it is Mother Nature’s song to us
What a glorious sound and sight
Green turns orange and bronze so bright
Yellow gold and red are swiftly blown & put to bed
Reflections of summer are soon put to rest
o never the less we shall do our best
To prepare for a cold and blustery season
We’ll bundle up warm to keep from freezin’
Mother Nature often throws a curve ball
Do we think it’s very fair at all
Blue Moon Oh brilliant Harvest Moon
Falling leaves have come so soon
Goodness sake I’ll need a rake
Wild whooshing winds create frivolous crisp leaf tunes
Behold the bright red orange Harvest Moon
Sometimes snow appears early in Fall
Truly it's not fair at all
Tiny flakes of Nature's trickery can fool us once again
Some of us accept this and face it with a grin
Our Indian Summers can be quite grand
We can walk in the woods along crisp paths and stand
In a wondrous musky wooded fantasy land
Seasons sing to us you know
Colder temps’ set our blood a flow
Our faces shine with a healthy glow
There’s been some trickery here this year
We thought for a day that winter’s here and way too near
Mother Nature’s not been too very clear
The wings of Autumn have come and gone
As Nature sang her eternal song
Glistening frost melts to dew in the morn
Children run through rows of corn
And a bountiful harvest is reaped once more
There's fun in store as holidays bring us other chores
Seasons come & Seasons go
So soon comes frost and then the snow
Song of the Seasons ~ it’s a wondrous thought
See what Mother Nature has brought
Summer slipped away so soon
Glow on bright golden Harvest Moon
Beautiful vivid vast balloon is now our autumn delight
Cherish the sight into the night
Blazing forests of red bronze and brown
Whether we're in woods or even all about town
Swiftly the leaves blow circles up and around
Crisply & swirly straight down to the ground
North winds whistle wild Winter's call
Say your good byes to fabulous Fall
Soon snow covers up the crisp colored leaves
Bye bye Autumn breeze
On golden pond reflections show
Before Winter covers it with snow
A mirror of the season’s agleam it would seem
Good bye summer green
Admire the colors of Autumn
Soon we'll welcome snow and a white winter wonderland.
Seasons come and Seasons go
It’s always been that way you know

Copyright, 2013

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