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Lauree, Let's go on a shopping spree

Lauree, Lauree

Let's go on a shopping spree

We’ll look for blue for you

And for green for me

A mission in search of fine jewelry

Or, how about a baseball game

Blake has tickets for the playoffs

But now it’s just not the same

Your game is over, somehow

Now it's only a dream

But I can still see you smile and beam

When rooting for your favorite team

Although depending in the game

You weren't always that tame

Well into the night

When the score was not just right

Oh, Lauree with such glee

Oh, what a thrill baseball and all

Lauree, Lauree!

Let’s go to Wisconsin to go see Dad

He will be so glad to see you

The last big love of his life

Although now it cuts like a knife

Now he is so sad

Because Lauree ~ we can no longer see

So we’ll send in the clowns

They're nowhere around

We only see frowns and sad faces

Lauree, you are nowhere to be found

The sad faces are not on the clowns

They’re on the faces of all those who love you

The loss of you can not yet get through

So sudden and so sad

So sick you were and we didn’t know

It came as such a blow

We all love you so

You went out with a storm and you didn’t suffer much

That is a blessing and now you are resting in the arms of our Lord

Lauree, Lauree ~ we all love you so

As the moments flee let us be free of sorrow

Till tomorrow

We will meet again at Heaven's gate

Somewhere in the great beyond

You’ll be meeting loved ones who’ve passed on

So soon, Blue Moon and so sad, for dad

Lauree with such glee ~ Oh, what a life you lived

And a wonderful life it was

We’ll get over the strife of your passing

Someday… wondering when but, we will someday

But now it’s just too soon

Blue moon ~ Blue moon, blue

Lauree you know you were loved sincerely

Oh, you brought us all such glee!

By Diane La Chapelle
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