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If you need a place in this reality just to be yourself while everything seems awful, to cry, to scream, to relief your heart when you feel like your world is falling apart I will be right here to wait and I'll be your hope and I will gently remove the rope which lies and tightens around your neck as your problems get bigger and Ill pull you away and of course I'll check the light in your eyes is fading away turning black turning cold clearing with dismay your heart feels far away gone to disappear.. I want you to stay I want you near, I smile at you and try to remember what it was like. No need to go further, loneliness and sadness passing by hand in hand with tears in the eyes, drowning in the words of unnecessary pain. No need to describe, no need to complain your eyes are open lightening once more. Watching, sparkling just like before, I hold you in my arms tight, tell you that we are in it together, you've won this fight everything's alright with the rest of the world for the rest of the road quiet and peaceful hand in hand and I whisper I love you my friend:)
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