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‘Hug the Misty Moon’

I Dream My Lover’s Dream

I feel Exhilarated and whole again ~ blessed for real
I gained knowledge which gave me strength to heal
About I have turned & thrice I have loved

Dare I dream now of a world anew
Certainly do since I am feeling so, yes I do
And now I search for another turn
Fast asleep, I gently fall into dusky starlight
Mesmerized, it's just past midnight
Dreaming of a true & sincere love, I count the stars above
Lovely thoughts drift by me and I begin to see
Me me me
Then as I hug the ‘Misty Moon’
I’m touched by sparkling stardust
Soon deeply dreaming with no troubling thoughts careening
My mind slips forward with no dread
I move bravely, steadily and trustingly ahead
Soon I am led… to dream a Lover’s Dream
I bathe mesmerized in silver magic moon beams
Feeling waves of ocean mist splash against my toes
Water plays mistical melodies ~ I am serene
Calming thoughts fill me as I slip deep into slumber
Within my heart there gleams a blue orange glowing umber
Standing now, I sprinkle dewdrops onto jade spring grass ~ Alas
Fairies flutter past as I walk the path toward purple mountains
White scented rose petals tickle my toes
It’s a tender treat ~ as I walk along my ’Love Street’
An array of rose petal showers adorn my morn’
No more ‘Black Rose’ Black’ ~ with sharp spiked thorns
I awaken now to a new and wondrous morn’
The Misty Moon’s glow brightens as a vision appears
My soul is reborn beyond a tall & wondrous waterfall
Lush meadows of spring flowers bathe me in soft morning winds
A morning dove swoops upward praising the misty morn
It sweeps across the sky ~ soaring ever so high
Far past the morning mist into bright sun beams
Just like that bird on high
I live my dreams ~ in the daytime and in slumber
Forging onward fast and fearlessly ~ I’m free to be me
Again I slip into slumber deep, as my dreams creep into ‘rim
And then ~ yes, then I dream a Lovers Dream ~
There are no sad melodies to linger and now my psyche’s free
Free to be me oh what glee ~ just me
I love the shadow’s nest in my soul
I know now the time that froze my life was for just a short while
I smile with my own special style
Happy and certainly more wise
I smile, gazing up at the moon & starry skies
As I walk in fields of jasmine & winter white lilies into the day

Di’ La Chapelle

Copyright, 2011
Di' written by

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