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Hidden Under the Shawl of Your Love

For the kindness and generosity of your love, 
For the sweetness that prevailed around. 
Oh, the mother of all the creatures, 
Summoned under your shawl, are the deep rage and hatred. 
The aspirations and hope of your genius creatures are so high, 
that the only thing left now is to touch the sky. 
With their egos filled so high, 
One compete with the other to touch the sky. 
To boast and show their power are the things that are done. 
Those days of greenery and tranquility have long gone. 
For whom shall you shed your tears, 
Devastation are the only fears. 
They say your temperature has been rose, 
compared to long back of millions. 
But, this pathetic situation is not gonna close, 
as each one are acting their part as a villian. 
These are the things that has been hidden 
Under the shawl of your love 
The shawl which is spread all over the globe 
And I wonder this sweet world will be forbidden 
By Sameer Pokharel 
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