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My Mother

She is a lady of love,
She taught me how to smile.
She is a lady of warmth,
She taught me how to care.

She is a lady of her words,
She taught me to build trust.
She is a lady with ambitions,
She taught me how to achieve them.

Under her love and care,
I flourished to become what I am today.
Her support is my backbone,
Through all thick and thin of life.

I could not have asked for more,
I am privileged to have her.
My life would a disaster,
If she did not put me under her plaster.

She takes away all my pain,
She never lets me suffer.
I don't know how to thank God,
For blessing me with an angel like her.

She is one of her kind,
She is the best I could have prayed for.
She is the lady I most cherish
She is no other than my lovely mother.
Vidhi written by

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