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The Colorful Discovery

There was a story of a boy whose life was full of color
His mind was full of big dreams and full of wonder
He was full of expectations when he thought of what was in store
As he waited for opportunity to open its enormous door
When he grew older, everything was going his way
Everyone knew his name as his colors would spray
But when his big dreams were shattered, the color went away
And suddenly the boy whose life was full of color turned to gray

He tended to soak within the gray
As his emotions led him astray
He blamed a higher power for taking things away
When he planned on doing good every single day
He would ask people for advice, but they wouldn't know what to say
So his heart would sink even further within the gray

A boy whose life was full of hope
Became a man that would continuously mope
He tried to find fulfillment with the gray materials around him
But they only left him empty from deep within
Wondering what sent him there, he would never know
Because he would just continue to go with the flow
Which would make him believe he had no where else to go

Gray tears would begin to fall
As he looked back to when he had it all
The color used to be so brilliant
And his hearts desire used to be radiant
What happened to the stars that used to be so bright?
What happened to the heart that would never give up and fight?
But those days were gone and he would never get them back
Until the day a new color entered his life that would put his mind back on track

The day was a usual gray
Dull and unfulfilling was the typical way
The man whose life was full of gray discovered something new
As he looked to the sky there was a color that flew
In the gray sky it descended in the form of a bird
He then became speechless and couldn't say a word
When the majestic bird of color touched the ground
It transformed into a beautiful woman, without making a sound

The man's eyes became wide
As he searched around for a place to hide
He had never seen something so beautiful
Her eyes and her smile were nothing less than wonderful
Her passion and desire was powerful and unique
And let's not forget that incredible physique
There was something about her persona that was so attractive
And the many strong assets she perceived was rare and collective

Fear began to willow inside as she moved towards him
Each step closer the gray would begin to dim
Once she stood before him he didn't know what to do
As there was a familiar feeling inside that begun to brew
She looked at him with her amazing eyes
And what happened next was the biggest surprise
She looked at the man whose life was full of gray
And said one simple phrase; "everything is going to be okay"
She leaned in and kissed him and the gray began to fade
Then the darkness turned into a colorful parade

The amazing woman reminded him what it was like to smile
The incredible feeling of laughing and chatting for awhile
The radiant colors would splash and spray as they were together
As they created lively art that would last forever
When she was in his arms the pain would all go away
And when they held hands he would forget the past in every single way
Because he realized that life will always have a reason
Just like there is a weather change in every season
There needs to be a balance to make the world go round
When this is discovered, that is when happiness is found
There is never an excuse to give up or to give in
Because there is always something out there to start life up again
The man to this very day
Will never again live a life that is full of gray
Let the color be a waterfall and overflow
As the man and the woman let their color continue to grow
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