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We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for we are smarter than what we are portrayed to be we are more than the piece of clothing we wear. We are women.. The creators of this world the life givers on this earth we are women of god children of the almighty that alone is powerful we are the problem solvers the reason why men are who they are.. Women are graceful beautiful outstanding humans so why do we settle for less? Lack of respect for one another for each other.. we all want to be right prove our selves in this destructive world if women would realize their worth stand together as one we are more than what we are capable of we are better than what we get credit for we endure more than any species on this earth but yet we segregate ourselves with petty stuff such as weight height size ethnicity and living means. We worry about things that have no meaning we rather worry about how we look in this clothing piece how short will the dress be does he love me? Am I too fat? Do I need to lose weight should I be skinnier? Should I get breast implants? Etc. all to please men all to get an approval of men who has no respect for who u are and what u stand for.. But no matter we still stress ourselves out for others we give to make sure others are happy we will fight for what we love we care till the death of us we stay loyal to the ones that mean the most we stand tall when times are troubled we give our loved ones faith and hope when there is none we continue to make a way by the grace of god of course but we are the backbone and the brain for so many.. we do so many great things in this world strong traits but yet we fall victim to low self-esteem we fall victim to little or no respect we constantly allow others to pull us down to deceive us to trick us to degrade and use us we are the strongest of mankind yet we allow man to portray us as the weakest we are the strongest of mankind.. Yet we are the lease respected we are the smartest of mankind yet we don't even get treated equally... Ladies if u would just stand up for yourselves just respect yourselves love yourselves first just a little bit more no longer will u have to settle for less no longer will u have to worry about a man disrespecting you... REALIZE YOU are the givers on this earth RECOGNIZE YOU are the creators of this world women stand up and embrace your power we no longer settle for less demand the respect from men take charge of your life and never let ANYONE belittle you again... You only put up with what you allow yourself to... Keep god first and yourself 2nd ?
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