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Wow congratulations???????????? I must honestly say I NEVER thought this day would come... You proposed to her?.. She's the one.. And that's fair I can't change that because I'm not there... It's bittersweet you know.. The memories we shared.. Laughing kissing holding each other's hand.. Placing your hand on my heart telling you I love you giving you kisses before bed.. Sharing my life with you.. I always believed it was meant to be... But I was wrong you loved someone else.. She must be the one it must be real you've spent less time with her and she has already one.. I hear you fight a lot with her... Always arguing.. I hear she's controlling always charging.. I heard y'all in love I'm always crying.. You gave her your trust and patient you put your time into that.. But you half way stepped with me.. You couldn't forgive let alone forget you walked away from me and never looked back you couldn't give me a second chance I always pictured us together married as one.. Never thought it would be her.. I always thought we just needed space and if I just say down and wait you'll be back and tell me you miss me.. Instead you dismissed me sent me on my way and now your getting married to another girl... You proposed it must be real.. She's the one she's the better one still? When I was the one who held your hand when something wasn't right I was there when you were mad and frustrated and wanted to fight I was there I stayed by your side no second thought to it and you still couldn't see that I could do it.. I could have been the girl with the ring your right hand queen your ride or die but you wouldn't even try... You proposed to her... She's the one right? So she's better than me but I can't see why.. Does she hold you like I do kiss you goodnight does she tell you that she loves you when she tells you good bye? Does she motivate you when your down give you your pep talks when people bring you down? Better yet can she love you like I can show you where she stands?.. Don't bother telling me I already know.. She's ten times better than me and it shows because she has the ring she was the better queen so congratulations on your engagement I just wanna know.. Does she do all the things that I use to? I can't believe she sleeps where I use to be holds the hands that held me... If it wasn't done before it definitely is now..
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