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Found out

Found out about you and her today ... Found out why you gave up on me why you let me go found out why your in love with her not me... Can't believe it I don't want to I thought you were always mine.. Together forever til the end of time... How the fuck this happen man why did we let time slip past us how did you move on from what we use to have? We were meant to be we were meant to last! I can't believe this shit man showing off yo ass showing off your new girlfriend showing off the new love you found... What about me? What about what we had... We just pretend like it wasn't real.. I found out today y'all been on dates... Found out you loved her and it was real,.. Found out you weren't thinking about me.. I found out today... What true love meant.. I meant it doesn't exist.. It meant it wasn't real.. I wasn't in love and it wasn't forreal... But this heart break is this headache is and this pain I feel is oh so real...this broken heart that just won't mend.. All because it's all to surreal..I found out
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