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A son with no father in his life.
A fishing trip that never happened.

A game of catch with no one to return the ball.
A birthday without a card nor gift from him.

A wife, a mom fighting hard to keep food on the table.
A stranger comes in with the label of “step”.
A man takes on a family because one decided to leave.
A family of four, one on the way.

A question that still has to be made.
A mistake, a regret, a man with no face or name.

A puzzle unfinished, a piece never found.
A puzzle unfinished 19 years confound.


Comments from the Author:
At the age of 19, I had yet to meet my real father. I found him on Facebook one day and now 21 years old, I have met him but I wrote this before I did. Enjoy
Blade written by

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