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"The Healing"

Into this humbled life she walked,
a spirit so refined.
One so full of love and life,
it captivates the mind.

Time and trust did set the scene,
with tender, loving care.
Two friends with a purpose,
that only they could share.

Selfish lives were laid aside,
and comfort took control.
Spirit facing spirit,
food to feed the soul.

Her scent rode the gentle breeze,
her laughter filled the air.
Oh! How the evening sun did shine,
upon her gold-streaked hair.

Her lips gleamed soft and moist,
her skin glowed golden brown.
Matching beauty found within,
Like dew drops on the ground.

A heart that bares a burden,
with nowhere left to hide.
Soon will burst just like a damn,
despite our foolish pride.

The past first came in whispers,
and soon she felt compelled.
To relive pains & memories,
while teardrops formed & swelled.

Her need to cry rose suddenly,
as fear attacked her heart.
Into these two arms she did fall,
gasped, and fell apart.

The burden that she bore for years,
the guilt, the strife, the pain,
An inner child chained by fear,
shed tears that fell like rain.

She cried until she could no more,
she cried from deep within.
And now that she had opened up,
the healing could begin.

Of all this man has lived to see,
and, all the lessons learned.
Nothing touched his life as deep,
as seeing peace returned.

A debt he owes, but cannot pay,
transformed into a feeling.
Indebted to her inner child,
for teaching him the healing.

Written by: Dann G.J.Denis
August 12, 2006?
Dann written by

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