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?Your body, the Temple of the Holy One,
?Fearfully and wonderfully made;
?Will heal itself of that illness,
?That buffets you and baffles your doctor;
?Some of whom are in it for the almighty dollar,
?Rather than the will of the Almighty Father!
?Satisfy its deepest and relentless cries,
?For the stuff of which it is made;
?And you will be on your way,
?To the divine health you so desperately seek!
?The life of the flesh, we are told by the Master,
?Is in the blood, which is mostly Water!
?Can you therefore not see;
?That Water is the source of Life, indeed,
?And the health you so desperately need?
?The important question then becomes,
?What kind of Water are you bathing your cells in?
?Any Water other than Kangen Water,
?Is unwise, unhealthy, and uncivilized!
?They may have a great taste & a fancy label,
?Like Perrier, Aquafina, or Dasani!
?They may have a name that is music to the ears,
?Like Wellness, Smart, Evian, or Pure Life!
?They may claim to be from the bubbling springs of Florida, Poland, Himalayas, or Fiji;
?Like Zephyrhills, Poland Springs, or Fiji Water!
?And even promise purity unsurpassed,
?Like Reverse Osmosis & Distilled Water!
?Some may even appear Alkaline,
?Having being jolted with cancer-causing Lye!
?But if they are Acidic and Oxidized;
?They are unwise, unhealthy, & uncivilized!
?You should be bathing your cells in,
?Purified, Alkalized, Energized, Mineralized, Micro-clustered, Hexagonal, Life-giving, Back-to-Genesis Kangen Water!
?It promises no diagnosis, cure, or healing;
?But the homeostasis (balance) your body so desperately needs!
?And your body which is fearfully and wonderfully made,
?Will heal itself of that illness,
?That buffets you and baffles your doctor!
?Yes, even of Terminal Cancer,
?That Chemo and Radiation in trying to kill,
?Often ends up killing the patient!
?We could have given you another gift for this Holiday;
?Instead, we chose to give you information about a product,
?That will revolutionize the health and wellness Industry as we know it!
?What you do with it is your choice!
?We have done our part, and now leave the rest to you!
?May the coming years be a joyous, healthy, and prosperous one,
?For you and yours, as it is going to be for us;
?In the Matchless Name of Yeshua (Jesus), who is the reason for every season!
?Amen and Amen!
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