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For the girl i love to eternity

Give me a space in your heart,
For I always want to be with you and I can't stay apart

I know you do love me,
But like a young kid I want the moments of joy and glee

No girl in the world would do what you have done to me,
And I have been foolish enough not to understand and see.

All i want from that little heart,
Is to hold me closer and not let me go apart.

You have been the girl of my dream,
The moment we started talking with each other,
I felt my life could be enlightened from the darkness and dim

Your laughter and joy is all that I always want to see,
But knowingly or unknowingly i tear it apart and i let them flee.

High from the clouds of despair and grim,
Baby if I could shower the rain which is frisky and vim

How beautiful our life would turn out to be,
When our life could turn out from the life of two to three

Baby can i ask your smile in return
If you could forgive me, please do and do not be stern

Because you are the only love of my life,
For whom i am ready to work hard and thrive..

Sam written by

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