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Will you marry me

As I close my eye's,
And begin to drift away,
I start to think of you,
And all my pain goes away,
But when I open my eyes,
Everything comes back to me,
The pain is in my heart,
I cry,
Then fall to my knees,
You are my life,
My darling _______,
With out you around,
I begin to go crazy,
You make me feel alive,
That is something I have never felt before,
You are everything to me,
And more,
I love you babe,
You make me crazy,
You’re all that I love,
You’re all that I need,
You and me are forever,
Forever just you and me,
That’s what I am wishing for,
That’s what they will see,
I ask of you one question,
As I get down on one knee,
Do you want to be with me forever?
If so will you marry me?
Ignatius written by

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