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By chance, I met

All alone I was walking on road;
At once I saw a dog & others cat together;
He was like a hat over a dogs head;
Dog was the best pillow for him ever;
I saw a sunshine on their smiling face;
It turned my lonely face to happy;
Rainbows to follow the cloud's pace;
They were the best buddy.

I was wondering how ppl put a wall between themselves;
We change when friends;
Greedy men say, let's think about ourselves;
No one bothers their promises, instead they manage;
A little boy came in search n took the cat away;
This is the young race they bring;
I can hear the disappointed dog's voice that day;
This is what we are portraying.

I realized-
The ppl u care about are taken from u soon;
We both were in same sea;
Dropped biscuit, in the dark moon;
Refused to eat, came running behind me;
Put a smile, on a lonely face that shine;
A chocolate that made everything fine;
It is by chance we met, by choice we became friends;
Nature's creation, a friendship that never ends.
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