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The shadiest bitch in the 916, whether it's dope or dick she wants a hit or lick
but she'd rather kill two birds with one stone by sucking a glass dick.

You think I give two fucks about you bitch I don't give one.
Scratch that, let me rephrase bitch,
I don't give none.

I was done with you last year, but thought I'd give you another chance.
Stupid move on my part 'cause the whole while you were lettin' everybody in your pants.

You're the epitome of whore, you put the hor in horrible, fuckin' illiterate lame.
Oh no Marty this is directed at you all the same.

Supposed to be my boy, supposed to have my back.
Spongin' off of your wife without contributing jack.
She's tired of your shit, it's only a matter of time.
Before she comes to realize that you're the poster child for the free clinic,
how many STDS have you had this year alone, um nine.

You hear that Crys, you better go get tested, the results are inevitable.
The chance that you've contracted HIV and herpes is 99.99999% probable.

Callin' up dudes outta my contacts, meeting up on the under exchanging bodily fluids and touching private parts.
Can't give good head because your grill is so fucked up it looks like you've been chewing on shopping carts.

You're pitiful, scandalous, and shady,
I thank God I kicked you the fuck outta my life before you displayed anymore crazy.

Lying on dating profiles, C'mon girl, keep it real.
You don't have a job, you don't have a car, you don't pay your own way, Sacramento County gets the bill.

Haven't seen your kids in months, yet you're still collecting welfare.
Selling their foodstamps to get a fix, God damn, that's some cold shit there.

I don't blame your kids though, for not wanting to see you.
Luckily they've got grandparents to do what you refuse to do.

I don't give a fuck that you're a whore, it's embedded in your DNA.
What bothers me is that you had to go and start calling motherfuckers outta my contacts, are you so lame that you couldn't get dicked down any other way.

Then you pick the dirtiest of dicks to have all in your mouth.
Those sores on your lips are what I'm talking about.

That shit will never go away, they'll fade here and there, they may come and go.
But you can't hide from the reality that you're the textbook definition of a Hoe.

You're the definition of a swampdonkey right down to the letter.
You two nasty motherfuckers are made for one another, fuck the both of you I can do far better
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