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To think that all this time I couldn't see
This perfect stone in front of me although the outside he looks so cold... Give him love and his hardness molds...
The perfect stone that gem is to me.
To watch him blossom I can't wait to see
This stone is mine.
I cherish this stone.
His coldness i do not fear
But it makes me desire to keep him near..
This stone so jagged
It's edges so sharp
Yet I can see and feel his heart
This stone I have shown
That I have learned how to love
This gem that is stone has grown
Deep in my heart,
In my mind I can tell
This stone that I've found
Theres a gem inside.
So rare and unique
So special to me..
This stone that I found has hardly made a sound
I'm hoping he can see what he means to me.
I tried to tell him with words from my mouth. But like this stone words just don't come out!
This stone
This gem
I love it so much
This stone
This gem is HIM
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