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Relapse - Scotty

You don't deserve to feel bad.
..but Neither did I..
If things made you mad,
I would have made things right.
The thoughts that I've had
Still wake me up at night..
I still get incredibly sad
that l'll never hear your reply.

It's hard to feel whole
When things are still incomplete,
Building up my own role
Only proved how I'm beat.
Nobody seems to know
What this "love" meant to me..
I built purpose, a home,
To be thrown on the street.

It rips me apart
What you had left behind..
These pictures, your art..
I let go, but they remind.
And thinking it can't possibly get more hard,
Keep finding more pieces that MAKES me rewind..

We both NEVER showed conflict all the way from the start..
So what happened? What's wrong???
It STILL is breaking my heart.
At least other break-ups have FIGHTS that got hard,
All everyone says is "I've been there,"
This isn't a game, we had NO similar cards.

-from Scott Schneegas
Scott written by

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