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A little at a time


A little at a time if you may take your steps,
Far across the horizon you will reach.
Time to contemplate and move ahead,
Until all your dreams are not cherished and paid.

Stop not for the failures if they may proceed,
Walk ahead with your head held high,
For you may see how far you’ve come across
And later you may cherish with joy and glee.

The roads will not be as easy as they say,
There will be lots of obstacles and not a may
But stop not for the obstacles, yet walk ahead;
For you never know how far you will go.

Believe in yourself when everything may seem dark,
Because you have a little spark in you that will lighten up the dark.
A little at a time walk ahead, until all your dreams are not cherished and paid.

Sameer Pokhrel
Sam written by

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